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Our Story

Established in 2004, Alka Skin Therapy is a trusted skincare clinic in Walnut Creek with 20 years of dedicated commitment to our community. We specialize in integrated treatments catering to all ages and skin types, with a primary focus on anti-aging and acne solutions. Our cutting-edge facility features a range of advanced facial technologies. You can select from a diverse array of facials or consult with our skilled therapists for personalized recommendations. At Alka Skin Therapy, our mission is to help you look your best, feel your best, and contribute to the greater good.

The HydraFacial

A little about me…

In my free time, I find joy in hiking, practicing yoga, and playing tennis, along with setting out on road trips both near and far. Growing up, I had a deep love for creating natural skincare products. Today, I’ve transformed that passion into my profession as an esthetician.

I thrive on experiencing new adventures in nature and cherishing authentic connections with people. For me, there’s undeniable healing in the power of a simple human touch, and I hold dear the shared laughter of genuine moments in this beautiful journey we call life. Welcome to my world!

About Our Team

Alka specializes in holistic skin therapy with a focus on natural and organic products. Her expertise in anti-aging and acne. She offers a range of treatments, including Micro-Current Rejuvenation, Advanced Chemical Peels, Luminox Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Spot Removal, Permanent Makeup, and more. As a highly experienced paramedical esthetician, Alka tailors her consultations and treatments to each client’s unique needs, providing personalized recommendations that set her apart from large, corporate salons.

Betty’s journey in Beauty and Skin Care began in China and Hong Kong, and she later became a licensed Cosmetology Professional in California, graduating from Oakland’s Laney College. Her approach blends traditional skin care practices with modern innovations, emphasizing healthy, clean, and nourished skin to enhance natural beauty.

Irene, a highly rated esthetician with 36 years of experience in the beauty industry, is passionate about skincare. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and going on hikes.

Nina is passionate about the arts, including makeup, drawing, and painting. Her love for enhancing natural beauty led her to pursue SofTap and esthetics, which turned out to be the perfect fit for her. Currently, she offers SofTap (subtle permanent makeup) for the eyes, brows, and lips.

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